Brands — The Next Disinformation Target.

Political Propaganda was only the beginning…

What better way to add to the destruction of a country driven by free markets and capitalism than to crush the profit margins and instill a lack of trust in the very companies that act to fuel the economy?

Image Source: Newswhip

IRA Targeting Brands and Companies

Image Source: Small Business Trends
Image Source: Notes from Precious

Cyber Brand Destruction

The stock for Audience plummeted 25%, even when the publisher of Muddy Waters sent out a tweet stating that the report was a hoax.

2016 saw the Associated Press’ main Twitter handle @AP hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army where they sent out a fake breaking news item. The reactions of the stock markets were instantaneously sharp.

In Early 2018, Kylie Jenner sent one tweet causing Snap ($SNAP) to lose a whopping $1.3 billion in market value.

Image Source: The Overcast

Who Is Responsible and What Actions Are Being Taken?

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media

We help Brands, Governments and Journalists see the “story behind the story” for a more authentic information ecosystem.

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